Damsak - 100 000 L Water Bladder

Water Bladders

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Dimensions ground area required: 1.6m x 900mm x 0.25m. Setup requirements: Prepare level surface, free from jagged edges and stones - grass, concrete, paving all fine but sweep first. If area is a bit rough, throw a light tarpaulin or hessian down first, although not necessary. Connect your flat PVC lay flat hose to the downpipe and the bladder vent pipe on the angled section. Do not cover the vertical section - this is the "breather" pipe to let the air escape as water enters.
What is DAMSAK Damsak is a new cost effective, patented bladder reservoir for liquids. Damsak is manufactured by welding polyvinylchloride PVC impregnated tarpaulin sheet material together. This material has an internal polyester mesh making it exceptionally strong. Special jigs are used to give the corners their unique and important shape. The novel design allows for the storage of an unlimited volume of liquid, simply by varying Damsak's footprint. This is a major advantage over existing wire mesh and vinyl reservoirs and other bladder reservoirs. Traditional reservoirs or dams have size constraints due to their design. To withstand the pressures exerted by the liquids they store, these designs place increasing stress in the material used, as the size increases. The design of the Damsak allows for the storage of an unlimited volume of fluid because the stress in the construction material remains constant, irrespective of the size of the Damsak. Damsak has the same expected lifespan of conventional mesh and vinyl- and bladder reservoirs. Damsak also provides an attractive alternative to concrete reservoirs. Concrete reservoirs are expensive and may require extensive maintenance, as they age. Algae and the like will not grow in Damsak reservoirs as water is stored in a closed and dark environment. As it is a closed system, there is also no evaporation. Made using 700g reinforced PVC, UV stabilized, tested under stringent conditions. Lead time varies between 7 to 10 days, depending on production at the time. Each domestic unit comes with a top connector, and 25or50mm ball valve on the side.