Chemical spill clean-up

SpillPro SA
SpillPro SA provides rapid and efficient clean-up and treatment services for hazardous and non-hazardous spillages and accident scenes.
Additional Information
When time is of the essence and experience is required, you need a team that can take charge. Look no further than SpillPro SA. Our expertly trained and experienced teams see the clean-up and treatment of spillage or accident scenes as a challenge to demonstrate their skill. Due to the possibility of safety, health and environmental damage, rapid action is key to limiting potential negative outcomes. Operating from central South Africa enables SpillPro to deploy teams quickly to spillage and accident scenes. Attention to detail, being able to adapt quickly to a changing environment and wide-ranging skills are required by all team members of SpillPro SA. All actions and decisions are based on our straightforward philosophy: Get the job done quickly and efficiently. Minimizing the damaging effects of spillage and accident scenes is a primary concern for our teams, for the client as well as the environment. SpillPro SA uses the latest technology and apply proven techniques to ensure that a scene is not only cleaned up quickly but that lasting damage is limited.